©Joris Hilterman
©Joris Hilterman


The installation performance Sister is a life-size wax sculpture of a melting girl. An intimate encounter with one girl, one child, as a tribute to the survival of children in areas of political and social unrest.

With Sister, Roshanak Morrowatian creates a choreography on a non-living body and uses melting as the only movement material. Melting as a symbol of the loss of innocence, but also as a symbol of strength and the elusive in which the wax transforms and assumes a new form to survive.

Sister premiered at the schrit_tmacher Festival 2021 in museum Ludwig Forum Aachen. It forms a branch of the performance Kites.


Concept and direction: Roshanak Morrowatian
Artistic partner and production: Mami Izumi
Production/design/set: Julina Vanille Bezold and Fabian von Spreckelsen
Video: Laisvie Andrea Ochoa Gaevska
Sound: Rutger Zuydervelt
Light design: Jean-Lou Caglar

Sister & Kites were produced by: Nederlands Dansdagen, schrit_tmacher Festival, SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht and VIA ZUID.
And subsidized by: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VSBfonds, Brand Cultuurfonds, Elisabeth Strouven Fonds, We Are Public Fonds and NORMA Corona fonds.