©Joris Hilterman
©Joris Hilterman

'Expressive, original, daring. With an interpersonal topic that you can talk about for a long time after the performance.'

- BNG Bank Prize jury (2020)
©Joris Hilterman
©Joris Hilterman


Polished is a contemporary dance performance about courtesy and etiquette. Roshanak Morrowatian, together with Mami Izumi, dived into the unwritten rules of decency and recognisable behavioural patterns. How do they differ from one person to another, from one family to another, from one country to another and from one culture to another? Where do you cross someone else's border without realising it? How do you read movements between bodies when everything is written between the lines? These questions are expressed in the multidisciplinary presentation by means of dance phrases, stillness and everyday movements. The images of personal experiences are sketched as if in a collage. Central to the dance performance is a desire for harmony and consciousness in our daily activities.

Roshanak Morrowatian and Mami Izumi won the BNG bank dance prize with Polished in 2020. The performance was part of Dansclick 22, with a tour through the Netherlands.

Concept, choreografie en dans: Roshanak Morrowatian
Artistieke assistentie en productie: Mami Izumi
Video: Laisvie Andrea Ochoa Gaevska
Muziek: Rutger Zuydervelt
Kostuum: Julina Vanille Bezold
Lichtontwerp: Jean-Lou Caglar
Dramaturgisch advies: Nicole Beutler

Productie: Rover
Coproductie: Nederlandse Dansdagen, SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht, schrit_tmacher en VIA ZUID – Talentontwikkeling podiumkunsten Limburg
(Financiële) ondersteuning: Brand Cultuurfonds, Stichting Elisabeth Strouven, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Proeftuin Dans: Right Now!, Norma Corona Fonds, We Are Public en VSBfonds

Bijzondere dank aan: Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen, Mahnaz Heygharnejadi, Abbas en Afagh Morrowatian en Moos Pozzo