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Open call: looking for dancers / performers

For her new dance performance Roshanak Morrowatian | Rover is looking for dancers/performers. Central in this new work is the body in diaspora. The physical experience of dislocation, displacement and hybridity in identity are being researched. Bodies relate to their own fragmentary and alienating experience of time and space: the here and there and the now and then merge into real memories and made-up dreams where choreography, language, music and video art meet.

When and where: 7 weeks of rehearsal, spread throughout July/August/September 2024 with a premiere in the first week of October. Rehearsals take place in Amsterdam and Heerlen.

Audition date and place: March 2, 2024 at the studios of ICK Dans Amsterdam (exact information will follow when you are being invited)

We are looking for:
-3+ years of professional performing experience
-Performers identifying as woman
-Performers that identify themselves as part of a diaspora
-Based in the Netherlands
-Performers aged 27 and above
-Professional dance artists

We are looking for performers with a strong signature, open to collaborate, research and with an interest to share personal stories through the body. We have a preference for independent and professional dance artists with experience in movement, dance, improvisation and creating choreographic material.

Payments: according to CAO voor Dans

Interested? Send your cv, portrait and a link to your work to:
Deadline application: February 11, 2024
Soon after the deadline you will hear whether you are invited to the auditions.