TidalWave3_foto Afagh Morrowatian_LR

New performance Tidal Wave

On December 8 and 9, a special co-production by Rover and Studio FCP will be shown for the first time in Theater Bellevue in Amsterdam: Tidal Wave. This movement performance exposes the physical traces of trauma.

In Tidal Wave, makers Roshanak Morrowatian and Charles Pas share their scars without hesitation. Taken by a tidal wave of survival mechanisms, they search for the limits of their play. Can my pain also be your pain?

This creates a quest where distress can be a soothing element and where emotion can be found in the grimmest of scenes. What’s left after the wave breaks?

Tickets are available here.

Premiere and after talk

The premiere will be on Saturday, December 9, and there will also be a discussion afterwards with Roshanak Morrowatian and Charles Pas. This will be moderated by researcher Marta Lietti.

Lietti is very interested in the dramaturgical and anthropological depth of bodily and metaphorical movements in Ancient Greek Tragedy ánd in observing how contemporary choreographers and performers set in motion the necessity of comprehending what the human body is and what transcends it. 


Tidal Wave is a production of Studio FCP and Rover. Co-producers are Feikes Huis, ICK Dans Amsterdam/Artist Space and deSingel.

The performance can also be seen at deSingel in Antwerp on December 12, 2023. Keep an eye on our agenda for future performance dates.