Rover creates interdisciplinary dance performances based on social involvement and with an eye for artistic quality. We have a strong focus on cultural diversity and increasing social sensitivities to differences between individuals and cultures. We see empathy and curiosity as social values that must be actively cultivated.

©Jonas Löllmann
©Jonas Löllmann

Our desire for a more harmonious society runs like a thread through the work we do. Unnoticed details, invisible people and forgotten stories are given the leading role in our performances. Performances in which themes such as identity and ‘belonging’ are central. With our work we hope to support the path we have taken towards a more inclusive society. In doing so, we focus on the beauty of diversity. We emphasize not the superficial differences that drive us apart, but the underlying similarities that bind us and the stimulating curiosity for the unknown.

'not the superficial differences, but the underlying similarities'

We put quality in terms of content and artistic quality above quantity. This means fewer performances per year but more depth, more research and more exchange. It means investing in already existing work and building on innate themes. 'less productions, stronger productions'

'less productions, stronger productions'

Roshanak and Mami, both trained as dancers, met in Maastricht during the creation of a dance performance. From mutually intriguing collaborations, nurtured by the strength and passion of their friendship, grew the desire to start their own foundation in Limburg. With nomadic hearts, they find their home in Rover, where they make sensitive, authentic and special performances with current themes such as migration, gender and cultural conflicts.

The rover is a scout and a traveller. She moves across the surface of a planet or other celestial body and is always on the lookout. Rover is a reminder to be curious, to keep moving and to discover.

Our board

Chair / Nina Folkersma
Treasurer / Renske Ebbers
Secretary / Jan van Opstal
General board member / Henna Toppenberg


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Rover follows the Collective Labor Agreement for Theater and Dance.

Rover works according to the Governance Code Culture, Fair Practice Code and Diversity & Inclusion Code.

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